Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2008-04-01Application of photochromic compounds to improve resolution in fluorescence microscopy up to molecular scale PC-NANOSCOPYcoordinator150.8561
2007-10-01New migratory targets in the postnatal brain for neuroblasts generated in the sub-ventricular zone: molecular and functional characterization NEURONAL MIGRATIONcoordinator150.8561
2007-09-01Systematic functional analysis of intracellular parasitism as a model of genomes conflict SYSCOparticipant1.840.7199
2007-04-01Infrastructure for Measurement of the European Carbon Cycle IMECCparticipant6.729.30030
2007-03-01Development of a high-resolution Anger camera for diagnosis and staging of cancer diseases based on state of the art detector technology HI-CAMparticipant1.715.00010
2007-02-01Complex chromatin systems in the test tube CHROMAcoordinator80.0001
2007-01-01System-wide analysis and modelling of protein modification SYSPROTparticipant2.097.2685
2007-01-01High-throughput tools for biomedical screens in Zebrafish ZF-TOOLSparticipant1.739.0007
2007-01-01Physics at TeV colliders, tools and the dark matter connection PHYSTEVparticipant301.8903
2007-01-01Marie Curie conferences and training courses on the Square Kilometre Array Design Studies (SKADS) MCCT SKADSparticipant555.42110
2006-12-01Elucidation of the molecular basis of the inhibition of microtubule dynamics ANTICANCERcoordinator148.5881
2006-11-01Multiparameter sensing for high sensitivity diagnostics using fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles FLUOROMAGcoordinator2.552.3006
2006-11-01Development of a high throughput genomics-based test for assessing genotoxic and carcinogenic properties of chemical compounds in vitro CARCINOGENOMICSparticipant10.440.00019
2006-10-01Functional synthetic membranes for GPCR based sensing FUSYMEMcoordinator1.400.0004
2006-10-01Comparative analysis of primate genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes with an emphasis on cognitive capabilities APEScoordinator2.073.8704
2006-10-01Quantification, understanding and prediction of carbon cycle, and other GHG gases, in Sub-Saharan Africa CARBOAFRICAparticipant2.810.04415
2006-10-01Tropical Eastern North Atlantic Time-Series Observatory TENATSOparticipant549.7606
2006-09-01Interface-Control for Organic Devices ICONTROLparticipant1.649.5005
2006-08-01A European Network for Atmospheric Hydrogen observations and studies EUROHYDROSparticipant2.838.00018
2006-06-01Study of neuroligins in mice as animal model for autism NEUROLIGINcoordinator148.5881
2006-04-01Integrated self-adjusting nano-electronic sensors SANESparticipant1.201.5006
2006-04-01Multi-wavelength observations of gamma-ray bursts and instrument developement SMB-GRB-2005coordinator148.5881
2006-03-01Multi-scale modelling and simulation of colloidal crystal self-assembling on chemically patterned surfaces COLLOID CRYSTALcoordinator152.5271
2006-03-01European Rat Tools for Functional Genomics EURATOOLSparticipant11.000.00017
2006-02-01Synthetic biomimetic nanoengines: A modular platform for engineering of nanomechanical actuator building blocks NANOMOTcoordinator2.250.0007
2006-02-01Total Crystallography: Structure and dynamics of polycrystals TOTALCRYSTparticipant1.425.6008
2006-01-01European virtual Anthropology Network EVANparticipant3.297.62616
2006-01-01ONTHEFRINGE: Optical interferometry in trainning and in context ONTHEFRINGEparticipant464.2875
2006-01-01Synthesis and Assembly of Polymeric Nanotubes for Optical Biosensing SAPNOBcoordinator149.7221
2006-01-01European alternative splicing network of excellence EURASNETcoordinator10.000.00032
2006-01-01Antarctic Research, a European Network for Astrophysics ARENAparticipant1.355.59622
2006-01-01Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for NMR in Structural Biology BIO-DNPparticipant4.894.78810
2006-01-01Heart Failure and Repair HEARTREPAIRparticipant11.399.99822
2005-11-01Network of European Neuroscience Institutes ENINETcoordinator1.282.50014
2005-11-01Neuroprotective strategies for multiple sclerosis NEUROPROMISEparticipant11.399.99725
2005-09-01Strong gravitational lensing from galaxy clusters: a tool for cosmology ARTISTICScoordinator01
2005-09-01Organics over the Ocean Modifying Particles in both Hemispheres OOMPHcoordinator1.931.64710
2005-06-01Controlling mesoscopic phase separation COMEPHSparticipant3.183.80016
2005-05-01Active biomimetic systems ACTIVE BIOMICScoordinator2.150.00011
2005-04-15Synaptic and molecular mechanisms of experience-dependent plasticity in the developing barrel cortex in vivo: role of horizontal connection modifications BARREL PLASTICITYcoordinator157.0641
2005-04-15Integration of routine Aircraft measurements into a Global Observing System IAGOSparticipant2.577.0009
2005-04-01Analysis of single molecules at high concentration in stimulated emission depletion generated zeptoliter volumes with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy STED-FCScoordinator149.1551
2005-04-01Molecular imaging of stem cell differentiation MRI OF STEM CELLScoordinator80.0001
2005-03-01Global and regional Earth-system monitoring using satellite and in-situ data GEMSparticipant12.453.90028
2005-03-01The Cluster-Galaxy Connection: Interactions and Evolution TCGCIEIScoordinator150.2601
2005-02-01A multidisciplinary approach to determine the structures of protein complexes in a model organism 3D-REPERTOIREparticipant13.004.64120
2005-01-01Marine carbon sources and sinks assessment CARBOOCEANparticipant14.498.40036
2005-01-01Validation of the Plasmodium aquaglyceroporin as a drug target MALARIAPORINparticipant885.5347
2005-01-01New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty NEWATERparticipant11.999.96039
2005-01-01European Lipidomics Initiative ELIFEparticipant487.20014
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