Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2016-06-13REmineralisation, OPTIcs and Marine partIcle siZE REOPTIMIZEcoordinator195.4551
2015-05-01Agile Analytics on Big Data Cubes EarthServer-2participant2.839.7437
2015-04-01Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System AtlantOSparticipant20.652.92162
2014-10-01Pre-Operational Marine Service Continuity in Transition towards Copernicus MyOcean FOparticipant6.000.00057
2014-04-01Response of Ecosystem Assembly and Function to Climate Change: A multidisciplinary approach to understand community response to climate change in coastal rocky ecosystems REAFCCcoordinator221.6061
2014-02-01European Facility for Airborne Research in Environmental and Geo-sciences EUFAR2participant6.000.00024
2013-12-01Real time monitoring of SEA contaminants by an autonomous Lab-on-a-chip biosensor SEA-ON-A-CHIPparticipant5.751.45917
2013-10-07Improved monitoring and forecasting of ecological status of European INland waters by combining Future earth ObseRvation data and Models INFORMparticipant1.991.9039
2013-01-01"MEiobenthos in Shallow-water Marine ECosystems: A Monitoring, Experimental and Modelling Study to Understand Shallow-Water Meiobenthic Function in Marine Ecosystems and Assess its Economic Value" MESMECcoordinator209.0331
2012-11-01DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status DEVOTESparticipant8.997.98524
2012-04-01Prototype Operational Continuity for the GMES Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Service MYOCEAN2participant27.999.44659
2012-03-01"Maximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns" MYFISHparticipant4.999.99931
2012-01-01Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research in the Southern EUropean Seas PERSEUSparticipant12.973.12354
2012-01-01OPerational ECology: Ecosystem forecast products to enhance marine GMES applications OPECcoordinator1.999.6789
2011-10-01Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa MEDINAparticipant3.454.57512
2011-09-01European Scalable Earth Science Service Environment EarthServerparticipant4.000.00010
2011-05-01Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems (ECO2) ECO2participant10.500.00029
2011-03-01Liquid-aperture Coulter counter for sizing oceanic particles and phytoplankton LACcoordinator100.0001
2011-03-01Changes in carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate CARBOCHANGEparticipant6.989.90630
2011-02-01Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors VECTORScoordinator12.484.83540
2011-02-01MEDiterranean Sea Acidification in a changing climate MedSeAparticipant3.490.16916
2011-01-01Development of global plankton data base and model system for eco-climate early warning GreenSeasparticipant3.476.4699
2010-12-31European Union Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integration (EURO-BASIN) EURO-BASINparticipant6.996.40724
2010-04-01Marine Water Quality Information Services – AquaMar AQUAMARparticipant3.499.74317
2010-04-01Climate Change and Marine Ecosystem Research Results CLAMERparticipant991.35717
2010-03-01Europe Africa Marine Network EAMNetcoordinator997.06710
2010-02-01Open service network for marine environmental data NETMARparticipant2.970.9507
2010-01-01Research into Impacts and Safety in CO2 Storage (RISCS) RISCSparticipant3.958.53023
2009-01-01Development and pre-operational validation of upgraded GMES marine core services and capabilities MYOCEANparticipant33.800.00060
2008-09-01Marine ecosystem evolution in a changing environment MEECEcoordinator6.499.74422
2008-05-01Geonetcast for and by developing countries DEVCOCASTparticipant1.852.52716
2008-05-01European Project on Ocean Acidification EPOCAparticipant6.548.99528
2008-04-01Community Structure in the marine systems: observations from satellite COSMOScoordinator80.0001
2008-02-01Trophic interactions in marine plankton: copepod responses to a diatom defence strategy TRITONcoordinator168.7982
2007-04-10Chemical signalling between microbial films and spores of the marine macroalga Ulva BACT2ALGAcoordinator85.5341
2007-02-01European COastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system ECOOPparticipant6.990.25171
2006-09-01Interoperable GMES Services for Environmental Risk Management in Marine and Coastal Areas of Europe INTERRISKparticipant2.462.00015
2006-07-01Resolving the impact of climatic processes on ecosystems of the North Atlantic basin and shelf seas: Integrating and advancing observation, monitoring, and prediction BASINparticipant115.0712
2006-03-01Elucidating the structure and functioning of marine ecosystems through synthesis and comparative analysis METAOCEANSparticipant2.233.2777
2006-01-15UV photochemical bleaching of phytoplankton and Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter and the interactive effects on the inhibition of photosynthesis and the production of phytoplankton sunscreeens. UVPHYTOMAAcoordinator172.7701
2005-11-14Occurrence, persistence and impact of pharmaceuticals and personal care products-ppcps in transitional and coastal waters PPCPS-TRANSWATERcoordinator159.6131
2005-03-01European Marine Protected Areas as tools for FISHeries management and conservation EMPAFISHparticipant2.399.96514
2005-02-01To investigate sustainable biological carrying capacities of key European coastal zones KEYZONES(R)participant755.28114
2005-01-01EURopean network of excellence for OCean Ecosystems ANalysiS EUR-OCEANSparticipant10.000.00067
2004-12-01Sustainable options for people, catchment and aquatic resources SPEARparticipant1.499.7789
2004-12-01Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Aquaculture ECASAparticipant2.486.25616
2004-11-01Combined genetic and functional genomic approaches for stress and disease resistance marker assisted selection in fish and shellfish AQUAFIRSTparticipant3.799.95417
2004-04-01Marine Environment and security for the European Area (MERSEA) MERSEAparticipant13.997.69937
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