Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2018-02-01Design of Mixed Anion Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy Conversion DISCOVERcoordinator1.499.9981
2018-02-01Outcomes and Causal Inference in International Comparative Assessments OCCAMparticipant3.882.5649
2018-02-01Syntax shaped by cognition: transforming theories of syntactic systems through laboratory experiments SYNCOGparticipant1.425.4402
2018-01-15Atomistic Electrodynamics-Quantum Mechanical Framework for Characterizing, Manipulating and Optimizing Nonlinear Optical Processes in 2D Materials ELECTROQUANTUM-2Dcoordinator183.4551
2018-01-01European Cohort Development Project ECDPparticipant2.048.88016
2018-01-01The Comparison of High-Dose Heamodiafiltration (HDF) versus Haemodialyse CONVINCEparticipant6.440.48910
2018-01-01Animal evolution from a cell type perspective: multidisciplinary training in single-cell genomics, evo-devo and in science outreach EvoCELLparticipant3.818.59111
2018-01-01Gauging the Risk of Incidents of Extremist Violence Against Non-Combatant Entities GRIEVANCEcoordinator1.458.3451
2018-01-01An Integrated Platform for Developing Brain Cancer Diagnostic Techniques AiPBANDparticipant3.687.31212
2018-01-01Integrated Process and Product Design for Sustainable Biorefineries IProPBioparticipant594.00012
2018-01-01High Performance and High Yield Heterogeneous III-V/Si Photonic Integrated Circuits using a Thin and Uniform Bonding Layer PICTUREparticipant3.924.5338
2018-01-01Comparative genomics of non-model invertebrates IGNITEparticipant3.810.68514
2018-01-01Safe Robot Navigation in Dense Crowds CROWDBOTparticipant3.997.6607
2018-01-01Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment FODEXparticipant1.942.4712
2018-01-01Exoplanet Athmosphere New Emission Transmission Spectra Analysis ExoplANETS Aparticipant1.499.8157
2018-01-01Deciphering super-Earths using Artificial Intelligence ExoAIcoordinator1.500.0001
2018-01-01Solving the unsolved Rare Diseases Solve-RDparticipant15.361.62121
2018-01-01Delayed Transformational Fatigue in Central and Eastern Europe FATIGUEcoordinator3.508.8416
2018-01-01Ecological Language: A multimodal approach to language and the brain ECOLANGcoordinator2.243.5842
2018-01-01Learning through Categories in Social and Economic Interactions LTCSEIparticipant1.523.2172
2018-01-01Stem-cell based gene therapy for recombination deficient SCID (RECOMB) RECOMBparticipant5.990.46017
2018-01-01Testing the Large-Scale Limit of Quantum Mechanics TEQparticipant4.371.4749
2018-01-01Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation MarketPlaceparticipant8.147.52618
2017-12-01Advanced clinical photoacoustic imaging systems based on optical microresonator detection Photoclinparticipant2.163.0611
2017-12-01CLIC - Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse CLICparticipant4.957.03315
2017-11-01Research Center in Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies RISEparticipant14.999.7916
2017-11-01Modelling cortical information flow during visuomotor adaptation as active inference in the human brain ViMoActcoordinator183.4551
2017-11-01Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing NECOSparticipant1.494.9064
2017-10-01Evolving Program Improvement Collaborators EPICparticipant2.159.0351
2017-10-01Smartphones, Smart Ageing and mHealth SmartPhoneSmartAgingparticipant2.499.9082
2017-10-01Memory research: Ground-breaking, Applied, and Technological Exchanges M-GATEparticipant3.961.1608
2017-10-01Translational Brain Imaging Training Network TRABITparticipant3.938.65610
2017-09-01Center for STEAM Education Research, Science Communication and Innovation CSRCparticipant399.75015
2017-09-01Control of cerebral blood flow by capillary pericytes in health and disease BrainEnergyparticipant2.499.9541
2017-09-01Develop and validate appropriate and acceptable outcome measures in intermediate age-related macular degeneration for future interventional clinical trials - MACUSTAR MACUSTARparticipant8.025.00013
2017-09-01Science for Clean Energy S4CEcoordinator9.785.73022
2017-09-01Eastern Mediterranean Science and Technology Center of Excellence for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage MedSTACHparticipant399.6256
2017-09-01X5gon: Cross Modal, Cross Cultural, Cross Lingual, Cross Domain, and Cross Site Global OER Network X5goncoordinator2.995.1458
2017-09-01CETOCOEN Excellence CETOCOEN Excellenceparticipant384.8685
2017-09-01Neurocognitive mechanisms of inhibitory control training and transfer effects in children DEVBRAINTRAINparticipant1.500.0001
2017-09-01Understanding cancer development in BRCA 1/2 mutation carriers for improved Early detection and Risk Control BRCA-ERCparticipant2.497.8412
2017-09-01Generalised Entropy Models for Spatial Choices GEMparticipant2.500.0003
2017-09-01Computation of innate threats and defensive behaviour in the mouse defence_SCcoordinator195.4552
2017-09-01Terahertz based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Networks TERAPODparticipant3.467.59411
2017-09-01A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing NEUROCLOUDparticipant148.5501
2017-07-01Phosphate homeostasis and energy metabolism in Dictyostelium discoideum PHEMDDcoordinator195.4551
2017-07-01Antibiotic intracellular delivery via virus-like carriers AIDViCparticipant149.0621
2017-07-01Analysing South-South Humanitarian Responses to Displacement from Syria: Views from Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey ASSHUREDparticipant1.498.0691
2017-06-29Big Data @ Heart BigData@Heartparticipant9.664.97014
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