Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2019-05-06Membrane trafficking as a link between cell polarity and intestinal absorptive function: from C. elegans to mammalian miniguts GUTPOLARcoordinator196.7081
2019-05-01Industrialisation of curved sensors and related imagers CURVE-Xcoordinator149.8501
2019-05-01Sources of Meaning: Grounding Formal Semantics ORISEMcoordinator2.499.4161
2019-05-01NUclear reactions at RINGs NU-RINGcoordinator184.7081
2019-05-01BRInGing nano-pHoTonics into the brain NanoBRIGHTparticipant3.496.1984
2019-05-01Control of Central Nervous Sytem inflammation by meningeal macrophages, and its impairment upon aging MacMeningescoordinator184.7081
2019-05-01Joint Training and Research Program on Lifespan Regulation Mechanisms in Health and Disease HealthAgeparticipant3.940.62418
2019-05-01Novel assembly strategies in liquid dispersion via interface control – towards cellular metamaterials METAFOAMcoordinator1.999.6771
2019-05-01Toward the microscopic simulations of cell-like environments. CROWDYcoordinator196.7081
2019-05-01The Domestication of ‘Hindu’ Asceticism and the Religious Making of South and Southeast Asia DHARMAcoordinator9.820.8684
2019-05-01The Role of the Metabolism in Mosquito Immunity against Dengue virus in Aedes aegypti MetAeAvImcoordinator184.7081
2019-05-01Functional analysis of thyroid hormone nuclear receptors TRs in human Intestinal Cancer stem cells FUNTRICANcoordinator116.9541
2019-04-15Contraception meets the environment: everyday contraceptive practices, politics, and futures in a toxic age BirthControlEnvironscoordinator184.7081
2019-04-15Individual variation in tolerance of hypoxia and high temperatures in teleost fish: mechanisms and implications INDITOLcoordinator184.7081
2019-04-01Multiphoton Microscopy and Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Imaging meets Quantum MUSIQparticipant4.034.44716
2019-04-01Hydrodynamical approach to light turbulence HALTparticipant294.4008
2019-04-01The European Landscape Learning Initiative: Past and Future Environments and EnergyRegimes shaping Policy Tools TerraNovaparticipant4.090.95323
2019-04-01circuit Quantum Magneto-Mechanics : interfacing single molecular spins with nanomechanical resonators in the quantum regime. cQMMcoordinator196.7081
2019-04-01Coherent ultraFast Long Wave infrared communications cFLOWparticipant2.998.0967
2019-04-01Development of a bifunctional hierarchically structured zeolite based nano-catalyst using 3D-technology for direct conversion of methane into aromatic hydrocarbons via methane dehydroaromatization ZEOCAT-3Dparticipant6.764.02016
2019-04-01Induction of B cell immunity in the lung mucosa LUNG-BIMcoordinator184.7081
2019-04-01SELENDIS: A novel detection strategy to discover light Dark Matter SELENDIScoordinator196.7081
2019-04-01The asymmetry of life: towards a unified view of the emergence of biological homochirality A-LIFEcoordinator1.500.0001
2019-04-01Realization of water permeation kinetics in two-dimensional nanocapillaries to develop desalination and energy harvesting membranes GraFludicDevicescoordinator196.7081
2019-04-01Japan and Europe Network for Neutrino and Intensity Frontier Experimental Research 2 JENNIFER2participant2.451.80019
2019-04-01Finding the Origin of the Slow Solar Wind SLOW_SOURCEcoordinator1.995.9021
2019-04-01Mass-transfer independent long-term implantable biosensors ImplantSensparticipant3.006.10616
2019-04-01Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate ECOFEEDcoordinator1.983.5651
2019-04-01Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations CHANGEparticipant4.068.82118
2019-03-14Virocellular hybrids and epigenomic changes as driving factors of infection driven cancers. METHYVIREVOLcoordinator173.0761
2019-03-13Internal Dynamics and Magnetic field generation in rocky bodies: planets and large moons in the solar system InDyMagcoordinator185.0761
2019-03-01The motor hypothesis for self-monitoring: A new framework to understand and treat metacognitive failures MetActioncoordinator1.389.5001
2019-03-01Soft Biocompatible Polymeric Nanostructures: A Toolbox for Novel Generation of Nano Pharmaceuticals in Ophthalmology NanoPolparticipant685.40011
2019-03-01Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon ATLANTICparticipant874.00013
2019-03-01Epigenome maintenance in response to DNA damage REMINDcoordinator1.738.7501
2019-03-01Versatile Ionomers for DIvalent CAlcium baTteries VIDICATparticipant2.997.7847
2019-03-01Understanding the onset and impact of Aquatic Resource Consumption in Human Evolution using novel Isotopic tracerS ARCHEIScoordinator1.361.9911
2019-03-01Synaptic Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Syn2Psyparticipant3.885.13411
2019-03-01The macroevolutionary impact of epigenetics and lateral gene transfer on eukaryotic genomes Macro-EpiKcoordinator1.499.9451
2019-03-01VRACE - Virtual Reality Audio for Cyber Environments VRACEparticipant3.961.34318
2019-03-01Joint Training and Research Program on Chromatin Dynamics and the DNA Damage Response aDDRessparticipant4.011.93919
2019-03-01Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions MIDAcoordinator3.874.11225
2019-03-01BATTERY 2030+ At the heart of a connected green society BATTERY 2030participant499.45617
2019-03-01A Cognitively Inflected Aesthetics of the Greek Symposion COGNAESTHSYMPcoordinator173.0761
2019-03-01Time Machine : Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe Time Machineparticipant997.93033
2019-03-01Revolutionizing Healthcare by Tracking and Understanding Human Cells during Disease LifeTimeparticipant1.000.00017
2019-02-01European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures ESCAPEcoordinator15.983.30131
2019-02-01Probing new physics with Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering and a tabletop experiment CENNScoordinator1.495.0001
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