Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2007-04-01Identification and assessment of training needs, methods and activities for the wider use of environmental technologies in key sectors ETTARparticipant478.5916
2006-10-01Fullerene derivatives for photonic applications: design, synthesis and measurements FDPAparticipant389.9534
2006-07-01Distributed European Infrastructure of Advanced Electron Microscopy for Nanoscience. ESTEEMparticipant8.696.83811
2005-11-25European Coaching Innovation Standard EUCISTcoordinator1.181.7407
2005-09-01Correlations in complex systems COCOSparticipant1.337.92614
2005-01-01Biological role of microRNAs in the DLK1 GTL2 imprinted domain. CALLIMIRparticipant958.8493
2004-11-01Intermetallic Materials Processing in Relation to Earth and Space Solidification IMPRESSparticipant15.887.79747
2004-10-01Innovative Production Machines and Systems (I* PROMS) I*PROMSparticipant7.500.00028
2004-04-01Birchbark literacy from medieval Rus: contents and contexts INTASĀ 2003-51-3867participant140.0007
2004-04-01Birchbark Literacy from Medieval Rus: Contents and Contexts participant140.0007
2003-09-01Chernobyl, an integrated pan-European study : morphology, oncogenes, DNA repair and outcome in radiation carcinogenesis CHIPSparticipant896.9636
2003-01-01Global monitoring for environment and security - global atmospheric observations GMES-GATOparticipant350.9479
2003-01-01Reanalysis of the tropospheric chemical composition over the past 40 years RETROparticipant1.930.90512
2003-01-01Molecular analysis of drosophila cell division MADCDparticipant1.196.3096
2003-01-01Auxin and cell cycle: molecular mechanisms, cellular and developmental importance ACCYparticipant1.136.8117
2003-01-01Biological consequences of dispersal in cooperative mammals GORAN SPONGcoordinator114.2721
2002-12-01Patterns of climate variability in the north atlantic PACLIVAparticipant1.768.98613
2002-12-01Linkage between genome stability and checkpoint control GENOME STABILITY & Ccoordinator1.500.0009
2002-12-01Global change vulnerabilities in the barents region: linking arctic natural resources, climate change and economies BALANCEparticipant2.872.87215
2002-12-01Deformation and fracture instabilities in novel materials and processes DEFINOparticipant1.500.0008
2002-12-01Mathematics for the glass industry : computing and analysis MAGICALparticipant1.398.0967
2002-11-01Carbonate chemistry, carbon cycle and climate change (a multidisciplinary view) 6Cparticipant1.652.7516
2002-11-01Quantifying the effect of variation in depositional conditions on the palaeomagnetic signal recorded in surface sediments AGNES ELMALEHcoordinator114.0721
2002-11-01Space borne measurements of arctic glaciers and implications for sea level. SPICEparticipant1.049.8816
2002-11-01Molecular magnetoelectronics: spin polarised injection from manganites into carbon nanotubes LUIS EDUARDO HUESOcoordinator114.2721
2002-11-01Sea level, temperature and ocean circulation, past and future : a european network STOPFENcoordinator832.6927
2002-11-01Generation and spectroscopic characterization of new transient phosphorus-containing species MARIA EUGENIA SANZcoordinator114.2721
2002-10-01Development of optical remote sensing instruments for volcanological applications DORSIVAparticipant786.6406
2002-10-01Cosmological dark matter profiles ITAI ARADcoordinator107.7721
2002-10-01Novel vaccination strategies and vaccine formulations for epidemic and pandemic influenza control NOVAFLU2001participant1.675.5166
2002-10-01Synthesis structure and properties of new Fullerene like materials NEW FULLERENE-LIKE Mparticipant1.499.99612
2002-10-01Total synthesis of spongistatin 1 PALOMERO VAZQUEZ, MAcoordinator114.2721
2002-10-01Protein folding, misfolding aggregation and disease PROTEIN MISFOLDINGparticipant1.499.8437
2002-10-01European network on vitamin and cofactor synthesis VITEOMICSparticipant999.1995
2002-10-01Harmonic analysis and statistics for signal and image processing HASSIPparticipant1.309.0128
2002-10-01The carbon sink strength of beech in a changing environment: experimental risk assessment of mitigation by chronic ozone impact. CASIROZparticipant1.622.9369
2002-10-01Avalanche studies and model validation in Europe SATSIEparticipant1.231.6808
2002-10-01Geochemical analysis of obliterating micritisation processes in echinoderm skeletons ARNDT PETERHAENSELcoordinator114.0721
2002-10-01Digital high-tc squid sensors for non destructive evaluation in unshielded environment DIGI-SQUIDparticipant1.561.6467
2002-09-01Northern Eurasian Margin and Lomonosov Ridge NEMLORparticipant120.0007
2002-09-01New class of macrocyclic main group ligands LUCIA RIERAcoordinator114.2721
2002-09-01Evaluation of lentivirus dna vaccination strategies in sheep MVACparticipant1.701.75910
2002-09-01Contribution of planar cell polarity to dorsal closure in drosophila MOREL VERONIQUEcoordinator114.0721
2002-09-01Fluid-structure interaction and the ground effect in animal locomotion MEDERIC ARGENTINAcoordinator106.8721
2002-08-01Development of integrated laser based sensors for active combustion control coordinator114.2721
2002-08-01Determination of protein non-native structures leading to misfolding XAVIER SALVATELLAcoordinator114.2721
2002-08-01Advance tools for rational energy use towards sustainability with emphasis on microclimatic issues in urban applications ATREUSparticipant1.225.5707
2002-08-01Novel ion channels in plants NICIPparticipant961.4436
2002-07-15The physics of type ia supernova explosions TYPE IA SUPERNONAEparticipant1.494.20010
2002-07-01Prediction of major events in multiscale fracture based on the theory of critical phenomena participant89.2006
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