Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2018-12-01SELF-sustained and Smart Battery Thermal Management SolutIon for Battery Electric Vehicles SELFIEparticipant4.999.45511
2018-12-01The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications EXCELLERATparticipant7.884.75813
2018-12-01Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles ACHILESparticipant4.895.7049
2018-12-01Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease VirtualBrainCloudparticipant15.016.34317
2018-12-01Partnership for innovative technological solutions to ensure privacy and enhance trust for the human-centric Internet NGI_TRUSTparticipant6.996.4286
2018-12-01Interdisciplinary training network for advancing Organ-on-a-chip technology in Europe EUROoCcoordinator3.942.86121
2018-12-01eXtended Reality for All XR4ALLcoordinator2.999.3135
2018-11-01Connecting the dots to unleash the innovation potential for digital transformation of the European agri-food sector SmartAgriHubsparticipant19.999.459104
2018-11-01Sonication and Microwave Processing of Material FeedstockĀ  SIMPLIFYparticipant8.521.82611
2018-11-015G for cooperative & connected automated MOBIility on X-border corridors 5G-MOBIXparticipant21.410.20546
2018-11-01Safer Autonomous Systems SASparticipant4.114.73217
2018-11-01Investigation of cabin ventilation strategies impact on aircraft cabin air quality and passengersā€™ comfort and wellbeing through subject study in realistic aircraft environment ComAirparticipant1.194.4503
2018-11-01Auctions for Renewable Energy Support II AURES IIcoordinator2.594.05811
2018-11-01Advanced and sustainable recycling processes and value chains for plastic-based multi-materials MultiCycleparticipant7.681.57719
2018-11-01Advanced Lightweight and Flexible Array with Mechanical Architecture ALFAMAparticipant2.998.2398
2018-10-01Quantum-enhanced on-chip interference microscopy Q-MICparticipant2.840.1287
2018-10-01Innovative manufacturing processes and in-line monitoring techniques for the OLED and thin film and organic photovoltaic industries (CIGS and OPV) OLEDSOLARparticipant7.872.87016
2018-10-01Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication EVOCATIONparticipant3.639.33516
2018-10-01Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing ASTERIQSparticipant9.747.88923
2018-10-01Ionic Solvent-based Recycling of Polypropylene Products ISOPREPparticipant6.315.5559
2018-10-01Continuous Variable Quantum Communications CiViQparticipant9.974.00621
2018-10-01Lignin Biorefinery Approach using Electrochemical Flow LIBERATEparticipant8.763.48916
2018-10-01Technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3nm TAPES3participant28.196.29527
2018-10-01Seamless and safe human - centred robotic applications for novel collaborative workplaces SHERLOCKparticipant7.939.02315
2018-10-01RObot enhanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing ROSSINIparticipant7.978.17613
2018-10-01Advanced quantum computing with trapped ions AQTIONparticipant9.587.2509
2018-10-01Building Information Modelling based tools & technologies for fast and efficient RENovation of residential buildings BIM4RENparticipant6.997.51523
2018-10-01Affordable Quantum Communication for Everyone: Revolutionizing the Quantum Ecosystem from Fabrication to Application UNIQORNparticipant9.979.90517
2018-10-01Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, re-configurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics IQONICcoordinator7.997.96917
2018-10-01European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing (EPEEC) EPEECparticipant3.990.70910
2018-10-01Leveraging room temperature diamond quantum dynamics to enable safe, first-of-its-kind, multimodal cardiac imaging MetaboliQscoordinator6.667.8017
2018-09-01Therapeutic potential of optimized derivatives of an endogenous CXCR4 antagonist for the treatment of cancers and inflammatory diseases EPI-X4Healthparticipant149.1563
2018-09-01Transport: Advanced and Modular TrAMparticipant11.741.43113
2018-09-01Exascale Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems EPiGRAM-HSparticipant3.998.7416
2018-09-01Future proofing strategies FOr RESilient transport networks against Extreme Events FORESEEparticipant4.995.14818
2018-09-01Flexible Optical Injection Moulding of optoelectronic devices FLOIMparticipant6.742.23912
2018-08-01Scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities SPIRITparticipant4.998.65617
2018-07-01Hydrogen-Methanol Ship propulsion system using on-board pre-combustion carbon capture HyMethShipparticipant8.438.11013
2018-07-01TeraHertz end-to-end wireless systems supporting ultra high data Rate applications ThoRparticipant1.498.8787
2018-07-015G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure 5G-VINNIparticipant19.997.73423
2018-07-015G AgiLe and fLexible integration of SaTellite And cellulaR 5G ALL-STARparticipant1.999.8705
2018-07-015G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Access Networks in Crowded Environments 5G-Enhanceparticipant1.498.0454
2018-07-015th Generation End-to-end Network, Experimentation, System Integration, and Showcasing 5GENESISparticipant15.766.70429
2018-07-01Towards a green and sustainable ecosystem for the EU Port of the Future PortForwardcoordinator4.994.31113
2018-07-01Learning, Applying, Multiplying Big Data Analytics LAMBDAparticipant984.9534
2018-06-01Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services CarE-Serviceparticipant6.229.50515
2018-06-01UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics UNRAVELcoordinator3.603.54510
2018-06-01Novel Products for Construction and Automotive Industries Based on Bio Materials and Natural Fibres ReInventparticipant6.525.27519
2018-06-01MAnufacturing of TUmour-REactive Natural Killer cells MATURE-NKparticipant3.351.66213
2018-06-01Advanced RF Transceivers for 5G base stations based on GaN Technology. 5G_GaN2participant5.988.27817
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