Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2013-04-01Code for European Severe Accident Management CESAMparticipant3.597.17918
2013-02-01Training Program for the Design of Resource and Energy Efficient Products by High Pressure Processes DOHIPcoordinator2.970.9547
2013-01-01Peroxisomes: key to cell performance and health PERFUMEparticipant3.911.06412
2013-01-01Fourth generation photocatalysts: nano-engineered composites for water decontamination in low-cost paintable photoreactors 4G-PHOTOCATcoordinator3.727.76710
2013-01-01The impact of the quality of CO2 on transport and storage behaviour IMPACTSparticipant4.000.76512
2013-01-01Improved Communication through Applied Hearing Research ICANHEARcoordinator4.083.1977
2012-12-01European Network on Luminescent Materials LUMINETparticipant3.639.84512
2012-12-01"Design, construction and demonstration of solar biofuel production using novel (photo)synthetic cell factories" CYANOFACTORYparticipant2.997.46410
2012-10-01Fast and Sound Cryptography: From Theoretical Foundations to Practical Constructions FSCparticipant1.498.2143
2012-07-01Embodied Approaches to Social Cognition: Empathy and Perception EASCEPcoordinator167.3901
2012-04-01Water Scarcity as Potential Cause of Global Conflict – Time for UN Green Helmets or a New EU Water Strategy? Water and Warcoordinator100.0001
2012-03-01BrightEMIL : EMIL goes green - Exceptional Materials from Ionic Liquids for Energy Saving Applications in Photonics BrightEMILparticipant149.6101
2012-01-01Study of Strongly Interacting Matter HADRONPHYSICS3participant9.000.00051
2012-01-01Replication and Adaptation in Molecular Networks READparticipant3.036.05110
2012-01-01Robust affinity materials for applications in proteomics and diagnostics PEPMIPparticipant3.053.58411
2011-10-15Self adaptive heterogeneous manycore based on Flexible Tiles FlexTilesparticipant3.670.00012
2011-10-01Functional Metagenomics – Harnessing the Biotechnological Potential of Completely Novel Protein Families FuMeparticipant1.499.4421
2011-04-25Molecular Aggregation and Microsolvation in Ultracold Helium Nanodroplets MOLHENANOcoordinator162.7421
2011-04-01A neuro-dynamic framework for cognitive robotics: scene representations, behavioural sequences, and learning NeuralDynamicscoordinator3.050.0704
2011-01-01Nuclear Physics from Quantum Chromodynamics NUCLEAREFTparticipant1.165.8641
2011-01-01Universal Gasification Process Analyser for Bio Mass and Organic Waste Treatment GasPro-Bio-Wasteparticipant1.157.0249
2011-01-01The MEtabolic Road to DIAstolic Heart Failure MEDIAparticipant11.971.72121
2011-01-01International Data Exchange and Data Representation Standards for Proteomics ProteomeXchangeparticipant1.925.96213
2010-12-01Transport and signalling in Polarized Cells TRANSPOLcoordinator3.835.98011
2010-10-01Inventory Driven Speech Enhancement for Binaural Hearing Instruments InventHIcoordinator112.4911
2010-09-01Highly-complex and networked control systems HYCON2participant3.900.00030
2010-04-01Greek into Arabic: Philosophical Concepts and Linguistic Bridges GREEK INTO ARABICparticipant2.106.3813
2010-02-01Matrix for Chemical IT MATCHITparticipant2.770.0004
2010-01-01Sustainable Peace Building SPBuildparticipant3.108.93211
2009-11-01The effects of antibiotic administration on the emergence and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans and on the composition of the indigenous microbiotas at various body sites ANTIRESDEVparticipant5.368.08811
2009-10-01European Research Training Network of New Materials: Innovative Concepts for their Fabrication, Integration and Characterization ENHANCEcoordinator3.697.7088
2009-09-01Oxidative Coupling of Methane followed by Oligomerization to Liquids OCMOLparticipant7.592.62918
2009-09-01Foundations for forgery-resistant security hardware UNIQUEparticipant2.954.2219
2009-07-01Three-dimensional nanobiostructure-based self-contained devices for biomedical application 3D-NANOBIODEVICEparticipant3.548.00011
2009-07-01Single or few molecules detection by combined enhanced spectroscopies SMDparticipant3.421.5008
2009-06-01Flexible, Fast and Future Production Processes F³ FACTORYparticipant17.985.40929
2009-04-01Severe Accident Research Network of Excellence 2 SARNET2participant5.750.00045
2009-02-012nd European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics EUCogIIparticipant1.908.3378
2009-01-01Study of strongly interacting matter HADRONPHYSICS2participant9.999.99446
2008-10-01Digital signal processing in audiology AUDIScoordinator2.953.4676
2008-10-01Process gas analysis for bio and hydrogen gas mixtures using new high pressure in Situ sensors PROBIO-HYSENSparticipant1.137.4008
2008-09-01Electronic chemical cell ECCELLcoordinator1.999.9995
2008-09-01Exceptional materials via ionic liquids EMILparticipant999.8481
2008-08-01European Network of Excellence in Cryptology - Phase II ECRYPT IIparticipant3.000.00013
2008-07-01Upstream signalling, global regulatory control and biochemical function of central components in the zinc homeostasis network: towards the rational design of technologies for bio-fortification CENTZINcoordinator169.2502
2008-06-01Through Amateur Eyes: Film and Photography in Nazi Germany THROUGH AMATEUR EYEScoordinator209.8161
2008-02-01Embedded Multi-Core Processing for Mobile Communication Systems ICT-eMuCocoordinator2.900.0007
2008-02-01Neurobiological mechanisms of memory loss in Alzheimer's disease MEMOLOADparticipant2.998.7127
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